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From Middle English unscience (false knowledge or understanding), equivalent to un- +‎ science.


unscience (countable and uncountable, plural unsciences)

  1. That which is unscientific or pseudoscientific.
    • 1380, Geoffrey Chaucer, Boethius and Troilus
      And at the laste, yif that any wight wene a thing to ben other weyes thanne it is, it is nat only unscience, but it is deceivable opinioun ful diverse and fer fro the sothe of science.
    • 1900, John Vosburgh Stevens (ed.), The Annual of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery
      It has been used in medicine from time immemorial; but until recently its use was nothing more than a species of mere unscience, shadowed in mystery.
    • 1973, Janet Lembke, Bronze and Iron
      Misapplication of this practical connection leads to such unsciences as astrology and alchemy and, with the Romans, augury.

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