From up- +‎ kick.


upkick (plural upkicks)

  1. A kick in an upwards direction performed while on the floor
    • 2018, E.H. Reinhard, Variant - The Lieutenant Harrington Series, Book 4
      As he yanked me back by my pantleg, I flipped over and delivered an upkick to the bottom of his chin.
    • 2015, Mark Hunt, Ben Mckelvey, Born to Fight
      I knew Silva loved an upkick, so I had to be wary of that, but I also really felt like jumping on that prick and wailing on him.
  2. (swimming) The upstroke of a kick.
    • 2002, Kishin R. Wadhwaney, The Story of Swimming
      The general position of the feet is that heels and rear part of the toes just break the surface of the water on the upkick and drive to the position of about 45 cms underneath.