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Alternative formsEdit


From vary +‎ -some.


varisome (comparative more varisome, superlative most varisome)

  1. Characterised or marked by varying; various
    • 1836, William Dunlap, Memoirs of a Water Drinker - Volumes 1-2:
      Why she's more and more varysome: — one day pale, and another day red.
    • 1888, W J. Wilding, The web of fate - Volume 2:
      Heartless, inconsistent, fickle, varisome — everything that discourages a consuming, devouring love.
    • 1924, Amy Ella Blanchard, An everyday girl:
      "[...] We have begged, borrowed, stolen, and bought sundry and varisome things to make us comfortable, and we're going to stay on till the ghost gets too much for us."
    • 1989, Europe-92 trade program:
      Well, we have seen some varisome views, and that is good.
    • 2015, Andrew Glaze, Overheard in a Drugstore:
      This varisome globe that swirls on gimbal pins of prayers, begets a sort of musical ache not ministered to by the mumbles of the spheres.