vasculo- +‎ -pathy


vasculopathy (plural vasculopathies)

  1. (pathology) Any disease of blood vessels.
    • 1959 January, Paul M. Brickley, “Flavonoid Therapy in Diabetic Retinopathy”, in California Medicine, volume 90, number 1, page 45:
      Prevention of diabetic vasculopathy is generally sought by the only means at hand: Meticulous control of the diabetes.
    • 2004 June, Giuseppe G. Pietra, “Pathologic assessment of vasculopathies in pulmonary hypertension”, in Journal of the American College of Cardiology, volume 43, number 12:
      Pulmonary occlusive venopathy and PM are rather uncommon (fewer than 200 cases have been reported in the published data) but increasingly recognized causes of pulmonary hypertension. They could represent part of the spectrum of vasculopathies of PPH, but they are distinct from the precapillary causes of PAH.

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