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Fijian edit

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  1. wound

French edit

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Participle edit

vue f sg

  1. feminine singular of vu

Noun edit

vue f (plural vues)

  1. sight (something seen)
  2. sight, eyesight, vision
  3. view
    Je souhaiterais une chambre avec vue sur la mer.I would hope for a room with a sea view.
  4. (Internet) view (an individual viewing of a video by a user)
    Synonym: (Canada) visionnement
    Cette vidéo a atteint les 1 000 000 vues sur YouTube.That YouTube video has 1,000,000 views.

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Middle English edit

Etymology 1 edit

Pronoun edit


  1. Alternative form of we (we)

Etymology 2 edit

Noun edit


  1. Alternative form of vewe