walkingstick (plural walkingsticks)

  1. Alternative form of walking stick
    • 1849, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, The Caxtons, Complete[1]:
      "We must see you soon again," said Lady Ellinor, kindly, as she followed us to the door. Mr. Trevanion walked on briskly and in silence, one hand in his bosom, the other swinging carelessly a thick walkingstick.
    • 1906, Edith Van Dyne, Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad[2]:
      CHAPTER XIX A DIFFICULT POSITION And now Uncle John, finding himself left alone, took his walkingstick and started out to explore the valley.
    • 2002 October 18, Sarah Sax, “The Birdman of the Academy”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      He explained that this was a variety of insect known as a walkingstick.