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Etymology 1 edit

wife +‎ -y

Adjective edit

wifey (comparative wifier or more wifey, superlative wifiest or most wifey)

  1. Of, befitting, pertaining to, or characteristic of a wife.
    • 1955, Robert O. Blood, Anticipating Your Marriage, Free Press, published 1955, page 65:
      She even admits herself that she lives a dual life — one where she's always acting, trying to impress people; the other when she's around me which is more settled, the more wifey sort of thing.
    • 1997, Cary O'Dell, Women Pioneers in Television: Biographies of Fifteen Industry Leaders, McFarland & Company, published 1997, →ISBN, page 122:
      There was talk of having her wear a wedding ring to look more "wifey" and to have her wear an apron and adopt a stage name so she would become something of a company mascot.
    • 1998, New Statesman, volume 127, numbers 4379-4391, page 25:
      Perhaps you should be a bit more "wifey" by getting out the sewing machine and knocking something up yourself, using some sequins, M&S "hi-cut" knickers and that nice "satin effect" fabric you are so keen on - and which is very reasonably priced at John Lewis.
    • 2012, Meesha Mink, Real Wifeys: Get Money, Touchstone, published 2012, →ISBN, page 82:
      But it meant more wifey duties for me: weekly visits, care packages, high-ass phone bills, and making sure he got everything he needed in there.
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Etymology 2 edit

From wife +‎ -y (diminutive suffix).

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Noun edit

wifey (plural wifeys)

  1. (informal, diminutive, endearing) Diminutive of wife
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