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Eye dialect, also used as a feminist spelling of the word women in order to deliberately exclude the word men, which is synchronically a component of women.

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  1. Eye dialect spelling of women.
    • 1871, Josh Billings, Hiz Sayings, page 27:
      I thank the lord that thare aint menny wimmin in the wurld who want tu know evry thing. I kalkerlate that 9 out ov evry 10 ov the wimmin who luv their huzbands and glory in their children, will sa that tha had ruther be looked down upon in luving tenderniss than tu be looked up tu in silent aw.
    • 2009, Stephen King, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, page 195:
      "Damn waste of time," he always said of the convention. "Nothin but drinkin and wimmin, and none of the wimmin even worth lookin at, let alone that other thing."
  2. Feminist spelling of women.
    • 2005, Dawn Keetley, Public Women, Public Words, page 425:
      This is about wimmin sticking together (bois too), and fighting for equal rights and opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
    • 2011, Terry Castle, The Professor: And Other Writings, page 215:
      So eager was I to meet new wimmin-lovin' wimmin—or even just some womyn-lovin' womyn—one didn't need a Ouija board to figure out that I would fling myself forthwith into the world of regional Amazonia.