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Alternative formsEdit


From wonder +‎ song.


wondersong (plural wondersongs)

  1. (rare) An exceptionally good or extraordinary song
    • 1980, Curtis White, Heretical Songs, page 2:
      Thus, Alma lied. A poignant complaint, piercing wondersong, registering with her frail untaught soprano trembling tones in the uppermost treble-world.
    • 2004, Sphyrex of Shobol, Vagabond: Psalms Of The Dreamers, page 211:
      Afterward, Pygarax dared suggest, “Move over Asylum; Halls of the Mountain Kings; Cymnargael; Oh, Cherriel; Refugee; Psalm of the Dreamers; Houses of the Holy; The Vagabond Hymn; and all of those other fabulous wondersongs that are too damn numerous to mention: Y'all got big company.”
    • 2012, James W. Goll, ‎Chris Dupre, The Lost Art of Pure Worship:
      The heavenly beings have not yet moved on from their one-word wonder-song: “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY”! They have been singing it since the beginning of time and they do not seem inclined to change their words anytime soon.
    • 2017, Otto Scott, Rousseau and Romanticism:
      In general the Greek whom Kipling sings and whom we already find in Schiller — the Greek who is an incarnation of the "joy of life unquestioned, the everlasting wondersong of youth"— is a romantic myth.