See also: woodpigeon and wood pigeon



wood-pigeon (plural wood-pigeons)

  1. Alternative form of wood pigeon
    • 1671, John Gregory, Gregorii Opuscula : or, Notes & Observations upon some Passages of Scripture, with other learned Tracts, page 236:
      If Sémiramis be a Wood-pigeon in Greece, it may, perchance have been an House-pigeon in the Countrey of Ajhur.
    • 1955, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Scotland), Scottish Agriculture, Volumes 35-36, page 209:
      ONE of the most interesting and controversial problems connected with the wood-pigeon is the huge winter flocks which many believe are reinforced by migrants or 'foreigners' from abroad.
    • 2001, Michael R. Conover, Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflicts, page 155:
      For a decade, up to 60% of the wood-pigeon population were removed each winter.