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work zone



work zone (plural work zones)

  1. An area where work is being done.
  2. (more specifically) A segment of road along which road construction is being done.
    • 1998 March 17, erikc <>, "Re: Do you wear your seat belt?", alt.atheism, Usenet,
      Get caught in a work zone and the fines double.
    • 1998 March 31, Doug Wickstrom <>, "Re: Police Cameras", rec.arts.sf.fandom, Usenet,
      When he was stopped in Pennsylvania he was in a work zone, where the fines double,... .
    • 2004 July 12, Brandon <bnd-66@cox.netthefish>, "work zone speed limit restrictions",, Usenet,
      Posted speed limit is 45mph( uncovered and highly visible) with work zone signs posted stating 25 mph.