From worksome +‎ -ness.


worksomeness (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The state, quality, or condition of being worksome; diligence.
    • 1888, Longman's magazine, volume 12, page 591:
      Here is a specimen of his own workmanship under these conditions: — The mindstrength and body worksomeness of the Saxon, which are of great might for good when well spent, need a training in wisdom to keep them from mischief.
    • 1897, Henry Lazarus, The English revolution of the twentieth century:
      When they lifted his poor flock out of the slum-hell into Christian, helpful worksomeness, and told the gentle Pastor, now growing old, what had happened, and that the loving people and their great Leader had made him Chief Pastor of the church, []
    • 1906, The Westminster review - Volume 166 - Page 555:
      Reality is indeed Wirklichkeit, a continued "worksomeness" or striving.