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worship +‎ -able


worshipable (comparative more worshipable, superlative most worshipable)

  1. Capable of being worshiped; worthy of veneration.
    • 1841, Thomas Carlyle, Lectures on Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History, ch. 1:
      So much of truth . . . do I find in the Paganism of old nations. Nature is still divine, the revelation of the workings of God; the Hero is still worshipable.
    • 1895, William Elliot Griffis, The Religions of Japan (2006 edition), →ISBN, p. 139:
      The rampant vigor with which Japanese Buddhism began to absorb everything in heaven, earth and sea, which it could make a worshipable object or cause to stand as a Kami or deity to the mind, will be seen as we proceed.
    • 1919, George W. Gilmore, "Tantrism: The Newest Hinduism," The American Journal of Theology, vol. 23, no. 4, p. 450:
      In addition, Kali, spouse of Shiva, is presented as an object of devotion . . . who is "the Image and Embodiment of all the . . . . Devas." She is multiform, worshipable in each, "Mother of all."

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