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  1. (dated, slang or dialect) Alternative form of extra (the cry of a newspaper-seller)
    • 1915, Elizabeth W. Champney, Romance of Old Belgium, from Cæsar to Kaiser (page 407)
      Then outside my humble dwelling / Comes a strident brazen call, / "Wuxtry, Wuxtry!" / hear the yell, / "Two more churches shot to hell!"
    • 1940, R. L. Goldman, The Snatch (page 108)
      When I got to the corner, I heard the boy calling "Wuxtry". He was walking slowly down the side street, pausing to hand out papers to people who came out of their houses.
    • 1969, Waters Edward Turpin, These low grounds (page 337)
      Wuxtry! Wuxtry! Negro threatened by lynch mob!