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yeorling (plural yeorlings)

  1. (Scotland) The yellowhammer.
    • 1905, Lady Catherine Henrietta Milnes Gaskell, Spring in a Shropshire Abbey, page 179:
      I asked Thady a minute later what nests he knew of. "Galore," he answered, grinning. And then proceeded to enumerate them : " A lintie (a linnet), a green grosbeak (greenfinch), a Harry redcap (goldfinch), a yellow yeorling by the roadside, a scobby (chaffinch), a lavrock (skylark), a cushie-doo (a wood pigeon), a cutty wren (common wren), a nanny washtail (pied wagtail) in the rocks, and two tom-titers of sorts.
    • 1907, Country Life - Volume 21, page 376:
      The brock, the toad, and the yellow yeorling Get a drap o' the de'il's bluid ilka May morning.
    • 1962, Henrietta Buckmaster, All the Living: A Novel of One Year in the Life of William Shakespeare, page 360:
      Then they listened to a yeorling and Will taught the child its song, "A little bit of bread and no che-e-ese.