1. (uncommon) Alternative form of you-uns
    • 1867, William Wells Brown, The Negro in the American Rebellion: His Heroism and His Fidelity, page 277:
      "Massa took us with him to carry mules and horses away from youins." "You thought we would get them. Did you wish us to get the mules?" "Oh, yes, [] We knowed youins cumin', [] "
    • 2019, Karen Wimberley, A Mule, A Cow, and 5 Jugs of Shine, Lulu.com (→ISBN), page 168:
      Dear Minnie Leigh, It has been years since any of yourins people have seen or heard from youins. When paw passed on, he told me what he had done. I wish I would have to know'd child. I would have fetched youins myself.