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  1. plural of zeitgeist
    • 1940: Project Muse, Journal of the History of Ideas, p292
      Ages, Zeitgeister, national, and racial minds seem to me to have outlived their usefulness, if they ever had any…
    • 1974: Dennis MacCort, Perspective on Music in German Fiction: The Music-fiction of Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl, p127
      In its largest dimension the dual theme of the novella is an historical antithesis: two ages, two Zeitgeister stand tensely opposed to each other in the painful period of transition.
    • 1977: Joseph Chamberlain Furnas, Stormy Weather: Crosslights on the Nineteen Thirties: An Informal Social History of the United States 1929–1941, p369
      The moral to this anomaly may be that Zeitgeister are unreliable because afflicted with tunnel vision.
    • 1996: Leslie J. Francis & Susan H. Jones, Psychological Perspectives on Christian Ministry: A Reader, p58
      There is also a sense in which particular Zeitgeister may have an impact upon facets of the results that are gleaned from an empirical study.


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