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The zope

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zope (plural zopes)

  1. A fish of species Ballerus ballerus (syn. Abramis ballerus) native to Eurasia.
    • 1969, Problems of Ichthyology, American Fisheries Society, pages 390–391:
      The absolute fecundity of zopes on first maturing (at the age of 5 years) was less than that of those spawning for the second time. [] On comparison of the fecundity of zopes of the same size and different age the data obtained proved contradictory to some extent.
    • 1974, B.S. Kuzin, editor, Biological and Hydrological Factors of Local Movements of Fish in Reservoirs, New Delhi: Amerind Publishing Co., page 300:
      Before catching, more than half zopes, sandres and perches feed actively.

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  1. (dated or formal) singular past subjunctive of zuipen