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behead; chop
grass; straw; draft (of a document); careless; rough; manuscript; hasty
(negative prefix); not; no to root out; to remove by the roots spring breeze
to blow; blast; puff; boast; brag; end in failure
(once) again; also; both... and...; again
to be born; to give birth; life; to grow; student; raw
trad. (斬草不除根,春風吹又生) 除根 春風
simp. (斩草不除根,春风吹又生) 除根 春风


斬草不除根春風吹又生 (traditional, Pinyin zhǎn cǎo bù chúgēn, chūnfēng chuī yòu shēng, simplified 斩草不除根,春风吹又生)

  1. When cutting down weeds, you must get at the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will return with the spring breeze.

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