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脇差: two wakizashi below two 大刀 (​daitō), showing the difference in size.
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Grade: S Grade: 4


Compound of (waki, armpit, side of the torso) +‎ (sashi, the 連用形 (ren'yōkei, stem form) of verb 差す sasu “to insert, to stick into”), from the way the wakizashi would be stuck through the obi (sash) at one's side.


脇差 (hiragana わきざし, romaji wakizashi)

  1. (weaponry) a traditional Japanese shortsword, often used as a secondary weapon to a katana
    Traditionally 30cm to 60cm in length. For more details, see Wikipedia-logo.png Wakizashi on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Wakizashi

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