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  1. Creates adjectives signifying a certain quality; -like, -ous, -y.
    vuoristo (mountain range) → vuoristoinen (mountainous)
    sotku (mess) → sotkuinen (messy)
    talvi (winter) → talvinen (wintry)
  2. Creates adjectives indicating a material of which something is made; -en
    kulta (gold) → kultainen (golden)
    puu (tree; wood) → puinen (wooden)
  3. Creates adjectives from present active participles, indicating a tendency to be/do something.
    taipuva (flexible) -> taipuvainen (inclined, predisposed; to do something = tekemään jotakin)


back vowels (contains a, o or u)

front vowels (no a, o or u)

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