in time

See also: intime


Prepositional phraseEdit

in time

  1. At or before the time assigned.
    If I don't leave now, I won't get to work in time.
  2. (with for) Sufficiently early.
    You've got here in time for tea — I was just making some.
  3. As time passes.
    In time, it got easier to deal with her death.
  4. In rhythm.
  5. (with with) At the same rhythm as.
    • 1994, Stephen Fry, The Hippopotamus Chapter 2
      The door of the twins' room opposite was open; a twenty-watt night-light threw a weak yellow glow into the passageway. David could hear the twins breathing in time with each other.
  6. (music) In the correct tempo.


  • (at or before the time assigned): early, on time, promptly
  • (sufficiently early (for)):
  • (as time passes): as time goes by, over time, with the passage of time, with the passing of time


Derived termsEdit


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