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peacock +‎ -ing


peacocking (uncountable)

  1. (seduction community) Ostentatious dress or behaviour employed by a man in an attempt to impress women.
    • 1997, Emily Toth, Ms. Mentor's impeccable advice for women in academia (page 66)
      Peacocking may take place in legislatures and lodges, churches and chain stores. But it is particularly evident and bizarre in academia, a world where everyone is supposed to produce logically ordered exchanges of ideas.
    • 2010, Dag Albright, How to Meet and Pick Up Women (page 85)
      Men do it to get attention from women. Peacocking in pickup circles is pretty much a given. It's not for everyone and if you do decide to do it, you have to fully commit to it.
    • Sandor Johnson, Call of the Loons (page 272)
      It's called peacocking. Gets the chicks to notice me. Gives 'em a conversation piece.