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From Old English pocc, from Proto-Germanic *puh- (swell up, blow up) (compare Dutch pok, Low German Pocke).


pock (plural pocks)

  1. A pus filled swelling on the surface on the skin caused by an eruptive disease.
  2. Any pit, especially one formed as a scar



pock (third-person singular simple present pocks, present participle pocking, simple past and past participle pocked)

  1. To scar or mark with pits
    • 2007 February 23, Greg Myre, “Palestinian Universities Dragged Into Factional Clashes”, New York Times:
      Just next door, at Al Azhar University, a rocket mangled the protective metal bars as it crashed through the windows of the president’s office this month, destroying his desk and pocking his walls with shrapnel.