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A scallop.

Alternative formsEdit


From Old French escalope (shell).



scallop (plural scallops)

  1. Any of various marine bivalve molluscs of the family Pectinidae which are free-swimming.
  2. A curved projection, making part of a decoration.
  3. A fillet of meat, escalope.
  4. A form of fried potato.
  5. A dish shaped like a scallop shell.

Usage notesEdit

To specify bivalves, rather than fillets of meat or potatoes, sea scallop and similar terms may be used instead. This is particularly done when several of these are used, such as in cookbooks and in parts of Australia.


Derived termsEdit


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scallop (third-person singular simple present scallops, present participle scalloping, simple past and past participle scalloped)

  1. To (be) cut in the shape of a crescent
  2. (transitive) to make or cook scallops
  3. (transitive) to bake in a casserole (gratin), originally in a scallop shell; especially used in form scalloped
  4. (intransitive) to harvest scallops