Abbreviation of pizza.


'za ‎(uncountable)

  1. (slang) Pizza
    • 2003, Jim Brown, Black Valley (page 91)
      "I'll just grab a slice of 'za for the road," Donald said, mimicking his older sister.
    • 1992, Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash
      He cuts off a bimbo box-a family minivan-veers past the Buy 'n' Fly that is next door, and pulls into CosaNostra Pizza #3569. Those big fat contact patches complain, squeal a little hit, but they hold on to the patented Fairlanes, Inc. high-traction pavement and guide him into the chute. No other Deliverators are waiting in the chute. That is good, that means high turnover for him, fast action, keep moving that 'za.