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æsteem (uncountable)

  1. Archaic spelling of esteem.


æsteem (third-person singular simple present æsteems, present participle æsteeming, simple past and past participle æsteemed)

  1. Archaic spelling of esteem.
    • 1582, Robert Persons, S.J., The First Booke of the Christian Exercise, appertayning to Resolution; quoted in:
    • 1998, Victor Houliston [ed.], The Christian Directory (1582), introduction, page xxvi (BRILL; →ISBN, 9789004110090)
      A pious assertion that there was no earthly reason for Jesus to lower himself to become man elicits the patronising remark: ‘although God hath given to this our Author a very good gift in persuading to godlines of life (for which we have to æsteem of him accordingly:) yet hath he not given him therwithal so ful a knowlege of the mysterie of our redemption in Christ’ (p. 189).