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A borrowing from Old Norse hamarr, or from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch hamer (cf. German Hammer, English hammer). First mentioned in 17h-century dictionaries as āmars, it occurred later as āmers under the influence of German Hammer; in the 19th century, however, the spelling āmurs became dominant and entered the standard language.[1]


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āmurs m (1st declension)

  1. hammer (tool with heavy head for pounding)
    koka āmurs‎ ― wooden hammer, mallet
    galdnieka, kurpnieka āmurs‎ ― carpenter's, cobbler's hammer
    ogļu atskaldāmais āmurs‎ ― coal hammer
    gaļas āmurs‎ ― meat hammer
    āmura kāts‎ ― hammer grip
    iesist naglu ar āmuru‎ ― to drive a nail in with a hammer
  2. a device for hitting with an impact
    pneimatiskais āmurs‎ ― pneumatic hammer
    tvaika āmurs‎ ― steam hammer


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