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Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Vietic *tuːc (to light), from Proto-Mon-Khmer *t₁ut ~ *t₁uut ~ *t₁uc ~ *t₁uuc (to light). Cognate with Muong tốch, Khmer ដុត (dot, to set light to, burn, grill), Khasi thuit (to catch fire), Semai tòòt (to burn, set light).


đốt (, , 𤋿, 𤇪, 𤈜)

  1. (transitive) to burn, to set fire
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Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Vietic *toːc (to bite (snake), to sting).


đốt (, , 𤇪, 𤈜)

  1. (transitive, Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam, of an insect) to sting
    Synonym: chích
    bị ong đốtbe stung by bees

Etymology 3Edit

From Proto-Vietic *tuːc (inter-node). Cognate with Arem utʊːt. Compare Proto-Katuic *toot, *ʔatoot (joint, internode) (whence Pacoh atout).


đốt (, 𢱞, 𦵛, , , 𥯝, 𦝬)

  1. (of fingers, trees) joint; internode
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms