From ķīmija (chemistry) +‎ -isks. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another European language.


ķīmisks (def. ķīmiskais, comp. ķīmiskāks, sup. visķīmiskākais; adv. ķīmiski)

  1. chemical (relating to chemistry)
    ķīmiskais elements‎ ― chemical element
    ķīmiskais simbols‎ ― chemical symbol
  2. chemical (relating to substances and their mutual transformations; such that it uses substances and their mutual transformations)
    ķīmiskā enerģija‎ ― chemical energy
    ķīmiskais process‎ ― chemical process
    vielas ķīmiskais sastāvs‎ ― the chemical composition of a substance
    ķīmiskā reakcija‎ ― chemical reaction
    ķīmiskais līdzsvars‎ ― chemical equilibrium
    ķīmiskā rūpniecība‎ ― chemical industry
    ķīmiskais ierocis, bumba‎ ― chemical weapon, bomb
    ķīmiskais karš‎ ― chemical war(fare)


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