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πλείων (pleíōnm or f (neuter πλεῖον); third declension

  1. more, comparative degree of πολύς (polús)
    1. (in the plural, with the definite article) the greater number, the mass or crowd
  2. (in neuter)
    1. (as a noun) more
    2. (as an adverb) more, rather
      1. (with numerals) more
      2. (comedy) πλεῖν ἢ μαίνομαι (pleîn ḕ maínomai, more than to madness)
      3. as an adverb with another comparative
      4. the plural πλείω is also used like πλέον

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Homer and Hesiod use πλείων (pleíōn) or πλέων (pléōn) as verse requires.

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