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Ancient Greek numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: τρεῖς (treîs)
    Ordinal: τρῐ́τος (trítos)
    Adverbial: τρῐ́ς (trís)
    Collective: τρῐᾰ́ς (triás)

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From Proto-Hellenic *trís, from Proto-Indo-European *trís; related to τρεῖς (treîs, three). Cognates include Sanskrit त्रिस् (trís) and Latin ter.

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τρῐ́ς (trís) (cardinal τρεῖς, ordinal τρῐ́τος)

  1. (adverbial) thrice, three times
    1. frequently also used as a mere intensifier, without numerical signification

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