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Etymology edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *ničьto. By surface analysis, ни (ni, not) +‎ что́ (štó, what).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [nʲɪʂˈto] (phonetic respelling: ништо́)
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Pronoun edit

ничто́ (ništón

  1. (indefinite pronoun) nothing
    Ничто́ не говори́ло (o чём-либо).
    Ništó ne govorílo (o čom-libo).
    Nothing foretold (of anything).

Usage notes edit

  • The nominative and accusative are usually replaced by the genitive ничего́ (ničevó) in colloquial speech, and may be considered synonyms.
  • With prepositions, ничто́ (ništó) is split into ни (ni) and что (što), with the preposition in between, such as in ни за что (ni za što, not for anything).

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