Cognates include Ukrainian се́меро (sémero) and Russian се́меро (sémero).


сямёра (sjamjóra)

  1. seven
    (with pluralia tantum)
    У нас сямёра сане́й
    U nas sjamjóra sanjéj
    We have seven sleds
    (with people)
    У яго́ сямёра дзяце́й
    U jahó sjamjóra dzjacjéj
    He has seven children
  2. seven of...
    Сямёра з іх
    Sjamjóra z ix
    Seven of them

Usage notesEdit

Сямёра is used with nouns that only have a plural form (pluralia tantum). It can also be used to denote a number of people. The nominative and accusative cases of a collective numeral govern the genitive plural of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. The other cases agree with that of the noun, pronoun, or adjective.


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