גּוּר (gúrm (plural indefinite גּוּרִים‎, singular construct גּוּר־, plural construct גּוּרֵי־‎)

  1. A cub, pup, kit, calf, puppy, kitten, or similar: a juvenile of any mammal species.
    גור חתולים (or גור חתול) — gúr-khatulím (gúr-khatúl) — a kitten [literally a cats' (cat's) cub]

Usage notesEdit

  • In addition to the general term גּוּר used for any mammal, there also exist a few specialized terms for large domesticated mammals. In particular, the term גדי(g'dí) is used in Modern Hebrew for a juvenile goat (a kid) and in Biblical Hebrew for the juvenile of any large domesticated mammal (such as a kid, a lamb, or a calf), and the term עגל‎ or עגלה‎ is used for a (respectively) male or female juvenile member of a cattle species (a calf).