Action noun of the verb ויכח(vikákh), from the root ו־כ־ח(v-k-kh).


ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ (vikúakhm (plural indefinite ויכוחים \ וִכּוּחִים, singular construct ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ־, plural construct ויכוחי \ וִכּוּחֵי־)

  1. An argument, a verbal dispute, a quarrel: an exchange of words between parties who disagree about something.
    אין ויכוח כי []éin vikúakh kí [] — There is no dispute that [] or No one disputes that []
  2. (וִכּוּחַ־, vikúakh-) Singular construct form of ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ‎.

Usage notesEdit

  • In current usage, the noun ויכוח(vikúakh) is much more common than the verb ויכח(vikákh) from which it derives. The more common verb is התווכח(hitvakéakh); indeed, etymological considerations aside, ויכוח(vikúakh) may perhaps be thought of as an action noun for the latter. (A regularly formed action noun התווכחות(hitvak'khút) does exist, but is much less common.)