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Action noun of the verb ויכח (vikákh), from the root ו־כ־ח (v-k-kh).


ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ (vikúakhm (plural indefinite ויכוחים \ וִכּוּחִים, singular construct ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ־, plural construct ויכוחי \ וִכּוּחֵי־)

  1. An argument, a verbal dispute, a quarrel: an exchange of words between parties who disagree about something.
    אין ויכוח כי [] éin vikúakh kí [] — There is no dispute that [] or No one disputes that []
  2. (וִכּוּחַ־‎, vikúakh-) Singular construct form of ויכוח \ וִכּוּחַ‎.

Usage notesEdit

  • In current usage, the noun ויכוח (vikúakh) is much more common than the verb ויכח (vikákh) from which it derives. The more common verb is התווכח (hitvakéakh); indeed, etymological considerations aside, ויכוח (vikúakh) may perhaps be thought of as an action noun for the latter. (A regularly formed action noun התווכחות (hitvak'khút) does exist, but is much less common.)