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From Arabic حُمُّص (ḥummuṣ, chickpea; hummus).


חוּמוּס (khúmusm

  1. Hummus: a food made from ground chickpeas and other ingredients.
  2. Chickpeas, garbanzo beans: the principal ingredient of this food.
    • 2012 November 22, Orit Ofir (אורית אופיר),‎ “מרזה ומלא סידן: למה החומוס בריא לכם” (m'razé umalé sidán: láma hakhúmus barí lakhém, “Slimming and full of calcium: why the chickpea is good for you”), in Ynet:
      חומוס הוא אחת הקטניות הראשונות ששימשו למאכל אדם, []
      khúmus hú akhát hakitniyót harishonót sheshim'shú l'ma'akhál-adám, []
      The chickpea was one of the first legumes to be used as human food, []

Usage notesEdit

  • Arguably, chickpeas are more properly referred to as גַּרְגְּרֵי חִמְצָה (garg'réi khimtsá); however, חומוס is the common and widely-understood term for them.