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Etymology edit

The adverb sense presumably derives from the verb sense, and the interjection sense from the adverb sense.

Adverb edit

מַסְפִּיק (maspík)

  1. Enough, sufficiently.
    • 2007, Amittai Asher, Barak Gavizon (lyrics and music), “מליון פעם [A million times]”, in אח יפני [Japanese brother]‎[1], performed by Malkat HaPlakat:
      מספיק קשה לומר "הכל בסדר"
      מספיק קשה לומר, אבל נכון
      Maspík kashé lomár "hakól beséder"
      Maspík kashé lomár, avál nakhón
      It's hard enough to say "everything's all right"
      It's hard enough to say, but it's true

Interjection edit

מַסְפִּיק (maspík)

  1. Enough; that's enough.

Synonyms edit

Verb edit

מַסְפִּיק (maspík)

  1. Masculine singular present participle and present tense of הִסְפִּיק(hispík).