See also: ס‎, ס״, and ־ס

Hebrew Edit

Etymology Edit

Abbreviation of סימן \ סִמָּן(simán).

Noun Edit

ס׳ (simánm (plural indefinite ס׳, no construct forms)

  1. chapter (of a book)
    ס׳ נבChapter 52

Usage notes Edit

  • Like the term סִמָּן‎ which it abbreviates, this is only used for certain, usually older books.

Yiddish Edit

Alternative forms Edit

Pronunciation Edit

Pronoun Edit

ס׳ (s'n

  1. Clitic form of עס(es)
    ס׳רובֿ(s'rov, most of)
  2. Clitic form of דאָס(dos)