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פָּשַׁט (pashát) (pa'al construction)

  1. to remove, to take off (one's clothing)
  2. to skin (an animal)
  3. to extend (a limb); to reach out
    • a. 217 CE, Mishnah, Shabbat 1:1:
      פשט בעל הבית את ידו לחוץ ונתן לתוך ידו של עני, או שנטל מתוכה והבניס, בעל הבית חיב והעני פטור
      pashat ba'al habayit yado lakhuts v'natan l'tokh yado shel ani, o shenatal mitokha v'hikhnis, ba'al habayit khayav v'he'ani patur.
      [if] the lord of the house extended his hand to the outside and gave [something] into the hand of the poor man, or took something from [the poor man's hand] and brought [it] inside, the lord of the house is liable and the poor man is exempt.


פְּשַׁט (p'shátm

  1. literalness (The straightforward meaning)