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From Arabic إِدَارَة(ʾidāra).


Dari Persian اداره
Iranian Persian
Tajik идора (idora)

اداره (edâre)

  1. office (a building or room where clerical or professional duties are performed)
  2. administration (of public affairs) (the act of administering the services rendered or duties assumed)
    اداره امور عمومی‎ ― edâre-ye omur-e 'omumipublic administration
    اداره کردن‎ ― edâre kardanto manage, run, be in charge of
  3. bureau, agency, administration (an official body that administers)
    1. directorate (an agency headed by a director, usually a subdivision of a major government department)
    2. office (a major administrative division, notably in certain governmental administrations)


  • (office): دفتر(daftar) (more common)

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  • مدیریت(modiriyyat, (the process or act of) managing, administering; management, administration)