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Compound of the article اَل(al-) +‎ بَحْر(baḥr, sea) +‎ ـَيْن(-ayn), literally the two seas. It is one of the Arabic country names that require the definite article اَل(al-).

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الْبَحْرَيْن (al-baḥraynf

  1. Bahrain (a country in Asia)

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Hijazi Arabic edit

عَلَم البحرين

Etymology edit

From Arabic الْبَحْرَيْن(al-baḥrayn).

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IPA(key): /al.baħ.reːn/, [al.baħ.re̞ːn]

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البحرين (al-baḥrēnf

  1. Bahrain (an archipelago, island, and country in Western Asia, in the Persian Gulf)

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