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Persian edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Arabic أَيُّوب (ʔayyūb).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? ayyūḇ
Dari reading? ayyūb
Iranian reading? ayyub
Tajik reading? ayyub

Proper noun edit

Dari ایوب
Iranian Persian
Tajik Айюб

اَیّوب (ayyub)

  1. Job (prophet)
  2. a male given name, Ayoub or Ayoob, from Arabic, equivalent to English Job.

Urdu edit

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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Classical Persian اَیُّوب (ayyūb), from Arabic أَيُّوب (ʔayyūb).

Pronunciation edit

Proper noun edit

اَیُّوب (ayyūbm (Hindi spelling अय्यूब)

  1. (Islam) Ayyub, Job
  2. a male given name from Arabic

References edit

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