Etymology 1Edit

Tool noun from the root د ف ع(d-f-ʿ); literally and instrument that propels or impels, occurring in the determined sense of a cannon first in the 14th in Mamluk-ruled Egypt.



مِدْفَع (midfaʿm (plural مَدَافِع(madāfiʿ))

  1. gun
  2. cannon


  • Amharic: መድፍ (mädf)
  • Ge'ez: መድፍዕ (mädfəʿ)
  • Persian: مدفع(madfa')
  • Tigrinya: መድፍዕ (mädfəʿ)

Etymology 2Edit

Noun of place from the root د ف ع(d-f-ʿ).



مَدْفَع (madfaʿm (plural مَدَافِع(madāfiʿ))

  1. watercourse, the lowest part of a valley where the torrent pours forth
    • a. 622, لَبيد بن ربيعة [Labīd ibn Rabīʿa], معلقة [Muʻallaqa] الشنكبوتية, line 2a:
      ١ عَفَتِ الدِّيارُ مَحَلُّهَا فَمُقَامُهَا * بمنًى تأبَّدَ غَوْلُها فَرِجَامُهَا
      ٢ فمَدافعُ الرَّيَّانِ عُرِّيَ رَسْمُهَا * خَلَقًا كما ضَمِنَ الوُحِيَّ سِلاَمُها
      ٣ دِمَنٌ تَجَرَّمَ بَعدَ عَهْدِ أنِيسِهَا * حِجَجٌ خَلَوْنَ حَلالُهَا وحَرَامُهَا
      ٤ رُزِقَتْ مَرابيعَ النُّجُومِ وَصَابَهَا * وَدْقُ الرَّوَاعِدِ جَوْدُهَا فَرِهَامُها
      ٥ مِنْ كلِّ سَارِيَةٍ وغادٍ مُدْجِنٍ * وَعَشِيَّةٍ مُتجاوبٍ إرْزَامُهَا
      ٦ فَعَلا فُرُوعُ الأيْهُقَانِ وَأطْفَلَتْ * بالجَلهَتين ظِبَاؤهَا ونَعَامُهَا
      Effaced are her resting-places where she stayed and settled in Mina: deserted are her camps in Ḡawl and ar-Rijām
      and the torrents of ar-Rayyān: the traces thereof are laid bare and and are torn, as inscribed rocks.
      Campsites have already passed after their period of use; years of war and peace overcome.
      Cast off there fell upon them the rains of spring signs, and there swept sated thunder clouds and drizzling rains
      from every cloud of night, every full one of morn, and those of eve, answering like a hoting squawk,
      and there sprung shoots of arugula, and in the brinks of a valley the goats and antelopes have youngs.
  2. (rare) verbal noun of دَفَعَ(dafaʿa) (form I)
  3. means of defense, pleading in court etc.