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From Proto-Iranian *čam- (to walk), perhaps a blend of Proto-Iranian *čarH- (to come and go, wander) and *gam- (to come), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *čálH- (to move, wander) + Proto-Indo-European *gʷem- (to step, come) respectively.[1] Compare Baluchi چمگ (čamag, to shake, dance), Parthian [script needed] (cm-, to walk, move), Khotanese [script needed] (tcāma-, leaping insect, grasshopper), Old Armenian ճեմ (čem, walk) (an Iranian borrowing), and perhaps Sanskrit चमूरु (camūru, a kind of deer, an antelope).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? čamīḏan
Dari reading? čamīdan
Iranian reading? čamidan
Tajik reading? čamidan

Verb edit

Dari چمیدن
Iranian Persian
Tajik чамидан

چمیدن (čamidan) (present stem چم (čam))[2][3]

  1. to strut, walk proudly
  2. to flaunt

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