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नल (nala) stemm

  1. (cf. नड, नळ) a species of reed, Amphidonax Karka (8-12 feet high) Gobh. MBh. &c.
  2. a measure of length MBh. (v.l. तल)
  3. a partic. form of constellation in which all the planets or stars are grouped in double mansions Var.
  4. the 50th year of the cycle of Jupiter which lasts 60 years Cat.
  5. name of a divine being mentioned with यम Karmapr. (= पितृ-देव, or -दैव L. ; a deified progenitor W.)
  6. name of a दैत्य BrahmaP.
  7. name of a king of the निषधs (son of वीर-सेन and husband of दमयन्ती) MBh. Pur.
  8. name of a son of निषध and father of नभ or नभस् Hariv. Ragh. VP.
  9. name of a descendant of the latter नल (son of सु-धन्वन् and father of उक्थ) Hariv. VP.
  10. name of a son of यदु Pur.
  11. name of a monkey-chief (son of त्वष्टृ or विश्व-कर्मन् ; cf. -सेतु) MBh. R.
  12. name of a medic. author Cat.