मोहन (mōhana)

  1. depriving of consciousness, bewildering, confusing, perplexing, leading astray, infatuating.


मोहन (mōhanam

  1. the thorn apple L.
  2. name of शिव.
  3. name of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love.
  4. name of various other authors and men.
  5. cultivated fenugreek (Trigonella corniculata L.)
  6. a particular illusion or delusion.
  7. a particular incantation.
  8. name of an अप्सरस्.
  9. name of a female demon (daughter of गर्भ-हन्तृ).
  10. name of one of the nine शक्तिs of विष्णु.


मोहन (mōhanan

  1. the being deluded or infatuated, delusion, infatuation, embarrassment, mistake.
  2. stupor, being stupefied.
  3. sexual intercourse.
  4. the act of perplexing, puzzling, bewildering.
  5. any means employed for bewildering others.
  6. temptation, seduction.
  7. a magical charm used to bewilder an enemy
  8. the formula used in that process (esp. the hymns AV. iii, 1, 2).
  9. name of a town.


  • Tamil: மோகனம் (mōkaṉam)
  • Telugu: మోహనము (mōhanamu)


  • Monier William's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. 1899.