From Proto-Indo-Aryan *sáćatay, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *sáčatay, from Proto-Indo-European *sékʷetor, from *sekʷ- (to follow). Cognate with Latin sequor, Ancient Greek ἕπομαι (hépomai), Avestan 𐬵𐬀𐬗𐬀𐬌𐬙𐬉(hacaitē).



सचते (sácate) (root सच्, class 1 A) (Vedic sácatai)

  1. to be associated or united with, have to do with, be familiar with, associate oneself with
  2. to be possessed of, enjoy
  3. to take part or participate in, suffer, endure
  4. to belong to, be attached or devoted to, serve, follow, seek, pursue, favour, assist
  5. to be connected with
  6. to fall to the lot of
  7. to be together
  8. to go after, follow, accompany, adhere or be attached to
  9. to help any one to anything
  10. to abide in
  11. to follow, obey
  12. to belong to
  13. to be devoted to or fond of