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Lao edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Tai *ʰmaːᴬ (to come). Cognate with Thai มา (maa), Northern Thai ᨾᩣ (ma), ᦙᦱ (maa), Tai Dam ꪣꪱ, Tai Nüa ᥛᥣᥰ (mäa), Shan မႃး (máa), Aiton မႃ (), Ahom 𑜉𑜠 (ma) or 𑜉𑜡 () or 𑜉𑜡𑜠 (māa), Zhuang maz.

Pronunciation edit

  • (Vientiane) IPA(key): [maː˧˥]
  • (Luang Prabang) IPA(key): [maː˩˨]
  • Hyphenation: ມາ
  • Rhymes: -aː

Verb edit

ມາ () (abstract noun ການມາ)

  1. to come, arrive; to show up
  2. (auxiliary) used after other verbs to indicate action towards the speaker

Derived terms edit