U+178A, ដ


Khmer edit

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic
WT romanisation dɑɑ
(standard) IPA(key) /ɗɑː/

Letter edit

ដ, ្ដ (dɑɑ)

  1. eleventh letter of the Cambodian alphabet

Usage notes edit

  • ្ដ (្dâ) from (dɑɑ) (ដ្ដ (ddɑɑ)) is homographic to ្ត (្tâ) from (tɑɑ) (ត្ត (ttɑɑ)), and is the cause of a great many misspellings. Many Cambodians do not distinguish between the two subscripts, and type either of them for both subscript letters. They consider that a single glyph does duty for both letters.
  • This letter belongs to the Khmer a-series consonants